What can Gathered Together do for you?

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Have a look at the our FAQ page for some basic information on how the project came to be, why we are needed and what we can offer.

Gathered Together is about PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT and how every parent/carer’s voice matters when it comes to getting involved in school life and their child’s education. We offer different workshops to help tackle barriers, build confidence and get more parents involved.

What do we offer?

Information Session on Parental Involvement

We hold workshops for Ethnic and Cultural Minority parents that aim to discuss barriers they face when getting involved with schools, positive ways to overcome those barriers and inform parents of their rights and responsibilities to get involved with their child’s education. We want to hear from all parents and carers from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds about their feelings on education, schools and why learning is important for their child.

We gather this information and feed it back to schools and parent councils so they can improve their practice and become more inclusive. Gathered Together have been successfully working with different ethnic and cultural minority organisations to deliver this training in our 7 pilot areas.

We often deliver these workshops alongside community groups and organisations that work with EM parents, for example we have held successful sessions with Fife Migrants Forum, Karibu, the International Women’s Group and EAL/ESOL classes to name a few. If you are part of a community organisation or if you would like more information about this session – please contact us.

Involving and Recruiting More People to your Parent Group Workshop

SPTC have a long history of delivering successful and informative workshops to Parent Councils across Scotland and are working with us to deliver this training.

Our workshop gives Parent Councils the chance to think about why parents aren’t getting involved in the school community and provides the opportunity to develop practical solutions to help to overcome any barriers.  We want to share the good practice we are finding and offer constructive advice when it comes to involving parents.

If you are in our 7 pilot areas and you think that your parent council or group would benefit from our training – please contact us.

What else do we offer?

As well as working with Parent Councils, we are meeting with schools to gather evidence of good practice to be shared across local authorities. We have some wonderful examples of work that schools are do to create an inclusive atmosphere and support parental participation.

This blog will used to share case studies of schools and parent councils who are successfully reaching out to parents who would otherwise be marginalised or left out of the loop.

For example St Stephen’s primary school in Glasgow  holds an International week every year, parents from diverse backgrounds (including Iraq, Eritrea and Pakistan) are invited to teach classes songs or dances from their home countries to be performed on the Friday. All the parents are invited to attend the performance and bring food to be shared.


More examples of good practice to follow!


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