Bespoke training for schools and Parent Councils

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Does your school have a significant number of families from ethnic minorities?

Do you want to support EM parents to become more involved in their children’s learning and school community?

Would your school or Parent Council like tailored support to better engage with these families?

Then Gathered Together’s bespoke training and support could be for you!

For the past two years Gathered Together has been supporting parents from ethnic minorities to become more involved in their children’s learning and school communities. We’ve been working directly with schools, Parent Councils and parents from ethnic minorities (you can read about our work with EM parents and the good practice that’s going on in schools and Parent Councils here). We know that engaging with parents who are new to Scotland can be a challenge and also how important it is that these parents are supported to be able to help their children’s learning and be part of the school community. We also know how much parents from other cultures can bring to schools- helping children learn about other cultures, religions and languages and to become responsible citizens

This term we are planning to support six schools or Parent Councils, providing bespoke support to meet the needs of the individual school/ Parent Council to engage more effectively with families from ethnic minorities. Our support is up to 10 contact hours and the bulk of the support would need to take place by December 2015

The support will include:

  • Initial meeting with PC and/or school staff “Equalities and Engagement” training
  • Consultation and intervention
  • Further training session, as required
  • Longitudinal follow-up and response as required

If you have any questions please email or phone 0141 548 8047.

Complete this form Bespoke-support-application-form (3)

The deadline for applications is 14 September 2015 (applications to be sent to


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