Scotland’s new parents

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In our training session we’ve met a lot of parents who are new to Scotland. One of these parents is Munir- he arrived from Syria last year and his children are at school in Glasgow. We met with him to find out a bit more about his experiences.

He was really positive about the schools his children go to- the family have been kept informed of how their children are doing and the progress they are making. It has been hardest for his eldest child, learning English was more difficult for him and he started in school in fifth year. Taking exams in a language you are struggling to learn is really difficult and Munir and his wife weren’t sure how best to support him.


Munir said that he attended an information event on the Curriculum for Excellence but found it hard to understand- it was in quite complicated language and he wasn’t very confident in his English. He suggested that parents who are new to Scotland need help understanding the Scottish education system- maybe an information evening in simple language so that parents can ask questions (and some help with translation).

We know that in Stirling the English as an Additional language team arrange an information night for the parents of their students every September, to make sure that they know how things work in Scotland from school uniforms to National exams. They even have high school students acting as translators for chocolates and flowers. This makes sure that parents get the right information and children get valuable voluntary experience to add to their CV.


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