Well Chosen Words at Wyndford Nursery

The Well Chosen Words project was a partnership between Wyndford Nursery in Maryhill in Glasgow and the Maryhill Integration Network. It was set up to help parents who were new to Scotland to learn practical phrases in English (for example to explain that they needed to take their child out of school early) and for the parents to support each other to find out about local services. (For more information about the project click here)

We’ve talked to a lot of the parents about the project and the work that Wyndford Nursery has been doing to engage with the parents and make them feel a part of the community.

Ji Bian (or “Jessie”) speaks about her involvement in the project, the difference it has made and gives advice in her native Mandarin.

Remi shares her personal experience about the support the nursery has given her and the difference that being involved in the Well Chosen Words project has made for her and other families at the Nursery

Mathieu and Naomi share their experience of being involved in the project, and the “family” it has helped to build

Joyce, Debbie and Ali speak about their involvement in the nursery and what they have done to help other parents feel involved

Ji Bian joins Xian Qian Wang and Xiao Qing Shou to talk about how the information the nursery has helped, giving information and showing them how to support their children’s learning