Parental Involvement

This session gives an introduction to parental involvement- what it is parental involvement, the difference it can make to your child’s attainment and confidence and ideas for how you can get involved in your child’s learning. It also gives an over view of the role of the Parent Council and the ways Parent Councils can support parents and get their voice heard in school.

Parental Involvement Presentation Presentation and facilitation notes

Parental Involvement Resources handout

To deliver this session you will need:

  • Laptop and projector (with speakers to play video)
  • Internet access (if using videos)
  • Print outs of slides
  • Print outs of resources handout
  • Play dough
  • Flip chart paper and pens

OPTION- you can use these video links in the presentation (at points identified in facilitation notes)

Children from St Albert’s Primary, Glasgow, talking about why they think parental involvement is important

Maria, a parent from Bulgaria talking about her experience of being part of Golfhill Primary Parent Council