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We are currently analysing the responses to the detailed questionnaires we did with parents from ethnic minority parents.  Some of the answers indicated that there were gaps in knowledge, parents weren’t sure what the Curriculum for Excellence was, were confused about what exams their children would sit (several parents thought they sat GCSEs and A levels) and less than 5% of parents knew about Modern Apprenticeships.  From the questionnaires it was clear there was a real need for more information- in the words of one parent “I really want more information to be available to parents like me to improve our understanding and be able to help our children more”.

After a few discussions and some shaping and thought, it started to look like a viable plan.  The team got together on Tuesday to really thrash stuff out and start to make plans.  There are a few more details to work out, but we will be able to announce details and dates for some really exciting and different training in the coming days.  We are planning for the autumn term and things are moving along pretty well!

Further details should appear here at the back end of next week, however, in the interim, get in touch with us if you have any ideas or feedback about things you feel we could be doing: we are always happy to hear!


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